Nestled in the heart of the St. Just community, set alongside the stunning Cornish coastline, The Cook Book Café is a café and book shop rolled into one.

Since 2003

The Cook Book Café was originally opened by David and Philippa James in 2003, and, whilst they may have taken a step back from the business, we’re delighted that they’re still very much regular visitors to the building.

Along with their dogs, Luna and Aggie, they turned The Cook Book Café from a small-town tea room to an internationally visited book shop and eaterie.

That’s where Rae comes in. Originally a Barista at the café before she went travelling around Australia and Europe (more eating, coffee and Instagram pictures than on-foot patrolling, but still), Rae maintained a close friendship with David and Philippa, one that remains to this day.

When it came to finding someone to take over the business, Rae, with her love of coffee, books and anything you can organise into a list, seemed the most likely candidate.

That brings us to 2019, where Rae, working alongside many of her original colleagues, continues to breathe life into this gem of a Café and a Book Shop rolled into one, in the heart of a community set alongside the Cornish coastline. Following in the footsteps of first David and Philippa, Rae hopes to continue their dedication and success, as well as delivering hand-crafted coffee, lovely cakes and a few brilliant books.